Boy, you guys are really slacking off in the Great Comment Challenge of 2003.

It's almost like no-one wants the Fabulous Prize Pak of Fabulous Things From The Land of Fabulosity.


there's a land of fabulosity?

could you write another memo or could the nre make a guest appearance?

Aren't there like 500 comments to go? I figured I'd have some time before I could start my comment-spasm here.

41 to go, actually.

Oooh, the land of fabulosity. Is that anything like the land of chocolate? Mmmm...chocolate...

if i win, can i get it hand delivered? seeing as i do live a whopping 8 blocks away....

Sure! I'll throw in free hand-delivery for any winner who lives on the Upper West Side.

It's not that I wouldn't like to win. I'm just not a bloodthirsty cutthroat personality.

It's snowing outside. How the hell did that happen?

The land of fabulosity is just like the land of chocolate, except that everything comes from CafePress.

Well, according to this site:

Snow begins in the atmosphere as water condenses into a tiny droplet. As more and more water vapor condenses onto its surface, the droplet grows. Cold air then freezes this water into an ice crystal.

Each ice crystal has a unique shape that depends on the surrounding air's temperature and water vapor content. If it is below freezing and there is a lot of water vapor in the air, the crystal grows six evenly spaced branches. More and more water vapor collects on these branches and freezes, making the ice crystal increasingly heavy. Eventually, the ice crystal falls from the sky, leaving the cloud of precipitation that it helped to form. As it falls, the crystal continues to grow by picking up more water vapor.

As it descends, the ice crystal can come into contact with warmer air that makes it melt somewhat. This melting acts like a glue, causing crystals to bond together into larger flakes, forming what many people think of as the 'classic' fluffy snowflake.

being passive aggressive means that i will only make comments with no substance until i win.

If I come up to New York next weekend and give you a mix CD on, say, Sunday the 14th, can I get my Fabulousity then?

Funkenstein's got some fabulousity for you all right, babee. Bomp chucka bow wow!

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