Ya know, if you're feeling in the Christmas/Hanukkah spirit (or if you want to feel in the Hanukkah/Christmas spirit) why don't you drop by some of your favorite blogger's wishlists (not mine*, as you guys have been far too kind and generous) and make their holidays a little bit brighter?

It's pretty easy to do, and most bloggers have fairly inexpensive gifts on their list (well, except for that Segway), and it would be, I think, a nice way of saying thank you to some of your favorite writers (I'm not saying that you should send something to everyone on your blogroll; just, you know, pick a few—if you're having trouble picking, try some blogs from my blogroll).

*unless you want to get me a Segway


But Paul, what would you do with a Segway?

Do? Why do when you can just have? It's all about Veblen...

I already told you what I'm getting you for Christmas - if I get released from my job before 2012, that is; who knows how long they'll be keeping me hostage? By then AP may have gone bankrupt, or I may not have anything to fit in their clothes anymore.

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