Once More Into The Breach, Dear Friends


Once more into the Times dear friends, once more.


I don't understand the hype. It's so manhattan-ite; reading that woman is like watching Sex and the City, but more painful (vanity and superficiality hurt my head.) Painful, and really, boring as hell.

Aw. I like reading Ms. S much more than I like watching "Sex and the City," what with truth being stranger than fiction and all that.

What really surprised me was that Choire was able to step in at Gawker without missing a beat. Is this a tribute to Nick Denton's editing skills? Choire's personal blog isn't to my tastes, and I can't say I enjoy The Kicker as much as I still enjoy Gawker.

PS: Speaking of editing, Paul, it's "into." HTH. HAND!

PPS: Instead of your monthly poetry selections, excellent as they are, perhaps you'd be more likely to gain critical notice if you add "Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl" to your TITLE bar.

Paul doesn't pander.

I echo Marie's sentiment. It's not that the entire Gawker "scene" (and it is a scene) isn't well written, it's just that, in the end, I don't really give a fuck about those people. So what?

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