On Truth In Advertising


eyes_open.jpgReading personal ads is all too often an exercise in homogeneity: everyone likes to take long walks on the beach, everyone likes foreign film, everyone likes the same obscure indie bands (which kinda raises the question of how obscure and indie can they be if everyone likes them). So sometimes it's refreshing to see an ad where the author throws caution to the wind and lays How It's Gonna Be right out on the line: "i'm a flake that can't be trusted, that won't always return your call or be pleased to see you."

Of course, one wonders if her picture is just as candid and was not (unlike some that I know) taken during the last millennium...


You responded to her didn't you? I know you did. Don't lie. : )

Are you kidding, Belle? A moody flake was honesty issues? That sounds like Paul's dream date! Or perhaps mine! And I didn't even know Jane March was single!

Well, don't keep us in suspense! Did you Carpe Pussy or what?

No, I did not, as D'lish so elegantly puts it, "carpe pussy".

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