My God. It's Full of Snow.


Holy shit. It really is snowing hard.

Update: Careful observation (looking out the window) suggests that it's coming down sideways.


Be careful when you go out, so that you don't get snow bruises.

So, are ya planning to direct traffic again?

pouring rain down here... saw flurries for about 1 minute...

Damn - where's my egg nog and bourbon? That is the only proper way to enjoy this, as far as I am concerned.

Screw this, I'm taking off early from work and going to the 3:30 showing of Last Samurai at the Ziegfeld. With an eighth of scotch.

Weeell, I just from from Westchester to Connecticut in it. It's pretty ugly. They're now calling for an inch today, 4-6 inches overnight and 4-7 inches on Saturday. Ugh.

Uh, that should say that I just "drove." Not to be confused with my nifty ability to teleport myself around the Tri-State.

oh its so gorgeous
this lush white blanket
i love it
when its like this
tomorrow it will be covered in piss
and oil
and foot prints
but for now
oh glorious


Once again, I'm home at my desk, dreaming a dreamy dream, while my wife is in the drifts with our 2-year-old. I'm gonna pay for this one.

Eggnog and bourbon? Hell, where's my fireplace? Where's my naked hairy boy with warm limbs to take the chill off mine? Maychance, my exams will be postponed and I will have more days to study!!?? That would be a mixed blessing.

in Brooklyn, we've also had a nasty wind to go with the snow since about 10 a.m.

Commuting is for sucks.

I finally recovered from my Thanksgiving weekend bender in Brazil, and now I won't be able to persuade anyone to go out drinking tonight because of the weather. Crap.

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