I Don't Think That There'd Be Much Profit


The past several nights I have woken in the middle of the night to find my t-shirt uncomfortably bunched up under my armpits, as if my unconscious was secretly starring in "Beached Whales Gone Wild!"


Our first blog of the morning isn't gonna get us laid, i can tell you that. Between my leg burns and your bunched up armpits, we're one sexy pair.

you could always sleep with the t-shirt off. that would alleviate this problem of yours.

My Eyes! They burn! Aaaaargh....

WD-40. Fixes everything.

Are you sick today? Where you at? My IM actvity has gone down 85%...

Cool pict of the passing subway.

Sometimes we just think things and don't write them for all the world to see.

dont sweat it (no pun intended)
you're just a little hot
in la noche

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