Coming Soon To A Bar Near (or not, depending on where you live) You

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I was gonna call it the "18th Annual Kaycee Nicole Memorial Big Apple Blogger Bash" but I couldn't fit all that into the logo. So I didn't.


Venue (and website) TBA.

Update: Venue is AZ, 21 W. 17th St.; the website can be found at

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You do whatever the hell you want; I'm in sunny Cali on my way to VEGA$!!!

Nice! I was wondering when the next one was going to be...

California is so NOT sunny right now. Not my neck of the woods.

I might actually attend one of these things.

Damn. I have tickets to see Yo Yo Ma at Carnegie Hall that evening. I thought I might actually attend the next BABB.

Oh, well. Yo Yo calls ...

if i'm in town, i'll be there.

i'll be there... despite the fact that i've been a slack blogger lately.

Hey, if the venue is somewhere between Washington, DC and Charlotte, NC, I might attend.

3 days before my Birthday...swweeeeet

Yeah, Cali wasn't sunny at all. And it SNOWED in Vegas. Sheesh.

Its your fault Ken. Your just bad luck

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