I am, apparently, the proprietor of a chain of pubs in Scotland.

Who knew?


looks vaguely familiar - i may have walked by one in edinburgh.

but those drink specials look both yummy and cheap - a pitcher for 12 pounds is only around $19. That's less than two drinks cost at the fancy places here.

So you're the culprit. I might have known.
I'm always torn about those goth themed pubs: they're like Hot Topic for the 21+ (18+?) set, and I want to hate them but they're really well executed. There's the Jeckyll & Hyde, with the cutesy racks of test tubes from which one may drink viscous sweet hangover potions; the Bell Book & Candle, with its vast velvety sofas; Maggie Dickinson's special wecial specimen cabinets always get me going (cooler even than De Kroon, in A'dam); and the Pit and the Pedulum, with, um, its pit. And its pedulum.

Anyway, I hope someone sends you a big fat check, for using your name like that.

Does this mean that you'll give us discounts?

Dear sirs:

Please send scothc.

Thank you,

Mike Whybark.

Scothc in buckets, with ice.

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