Another One?


Well, there's another set of weblog awards being organized, though it does rather seem as if the current nominees are rather very warblog-oriented. Plus, the categories are kinda biased: there's a "best female blog" category but no corresponding "best male" category (not to mention "best other" for our transgendered friends); not to mention the "best foreign blog", which strikes me as odd and somewhat non-specific, since every blog is a foreign blog—it just depends on what country you're looking at it from.

I'm just wondering how you can have a 'media blog' category without Gawker, Romensko, or The Kicker...

(stolen from via Anil)


I'm trying! Of course I'm not doing the nominating, just trying to steer the ship. Your suggestions so far have been excellent. Please keep making them! I'm quickly figuring out which comments to go look to, but such is the process.

If Slashdot is a blog, is FARK as well?

Alright. Same deal as last year. I nominate you, you nominate me. Okay?! GO!

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