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If you're running a MovableType installation, you really need to read this spam warning and take appropriate action. Or get someone who knows what they're doing to take appropriate action for you.

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Today I am trying to follow links from one site, through many sites, leading back to my own. I have know idea where I will be going or what I will see, but I expect it to be quite a journey. I'm going to start with one of the greatest linkers I know - ... Read More

* Ozguru - Points out a MT Vulnerability. I came across this same issue while I was taking a walk through the blogosphere. I guess I will have to take some precautions soon. * McGehee - SpamBots watchout, McGehee gives us a heads up as to who these spa... Read More


Yes, thank you. Every day I have to delete three new comments from viagra companies. I mean, what does THAT say about my content!

So what did you do? Insert Ben Trott's code fix, rename your .cgi file, delete it? I'm using 2.64 but I'm not exactly sure where line 40 is, so I haven't inserted that code yet.

Okay, I read it, but I do not comprehend it! Yipes! What to do? I have no business blogging with zero head for computers!

thanks paul. especially cause i have an "e-mail to friend" feature on my weblog. i installed bens new mt-send-mail.cgi and feel much safer

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