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I was going to do a post titled "Famous Canadians" but realized that it was too much work, so instead:

It hardly inspires confidence, when, whilst dining at the colorful and hip new downtown southeast asian joint (the one favored by the beautiful set), one glances behind the banquette to see a pair of freshly-baited mousetraps.

I suppose I can be thankful that 1) they weren't rat-traps, and 2) they were empty...

(and in other news, this is this blog's 900th entry)


So what are you doing rooting around behind the banquettes, Mr. Eagle-Eyed Reporter?

They were backlit and I wanted to know how they did it. Really, all I had to do was lean back an extra couple of inches.

Being the type that likes to frequent hip, downtown Southeast Asian joints I demand a name...

Famouse Canadians:

Mike Meyers
Practically the entire SCTV Set including Dan Akroyd and John Candy
John Irving (ex-pat)
Kids in the Hall
Were Bob and Doug McKenzie Canadians or did they just spoof Canadians, hosebag?

ew...that post is scented like a rat. Bob and Doug are indeed Canadians. SCTV was an entirely Canadian-created gem and how sad that it is no more.

Famous Canadians? Oh, don't get us started...never mind all the actors and musicians, don't forget about offbeat entries like Peter Jennings and Morely Safer and Monty Hall and Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse), etc etc...

Check out: Well Known People Who Happen to be Canadian

Speaking of SCTV, it was filmed in Edmonton, where I live now, in the early 1980s, and those productions were some of the funniest. Bob and Doug McKenzie really flourished here in town.

Tonight on Letterman, he and Mike Meyers got into a mock spat over Canadians' insistence upon observing the original date of Thanksgiving in October. I understand the desire to assert national identity this way, but now I wonder if Canadians are behind the early onset of Christmas advertising.

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