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We've managed to hit 1,400 comments already, which, as you know, means that there's a contest a-brewin'.

Which is to say, whomever leaves the 1,500th comment wins a fabulous prize pak™. The rules are pretty simple: No leaving more than 3 comments in a row, comment spam doesn't count, and all decisions by the judges (i.e. me) are final.

Have at it, boys and girls...


What's in the fabulous prize pak?

Fabulous Things From The Land of Fabulosity.

i can speak from personal experience. the prize pack is fab.

Get the best v1agra 4 l3ss!

Hmm. Sweedish meatballs.

Have you heard about the patch?

This isn't spam and I'm a regular reader. Just thought I'd pass along a movie tip. It hails from Thailand and sounds as great as Japan's Ringu (not the American remake of Ringu).

How can anyone resist a director named Oxide Pang?

"They got the idea years ago, they say in the press notes, from a newspaper story about a young blind woman who had undergone a corneal transplant operation. Cheerful and optimistic before the procedure, she soon committed suicide. The Pangs riffed on the notion that the woman's "eye-opening experience" had led to her death. The result is this disquieting supernatural thriller about a young woman, Mun (Lee Sin-Je), who went blind at the age of two. Eighteen years later, her sight is restored through a corneal transplant, but she soon begins to have disturbing visions. Are they hallucinations? Are they ghosts? Are they dangerous? In any event, what do they mean? And what do they want? The medical community is, of course, disbelieving and dismissive, except for a young psychotherapist named Wah (Lawrence Chou). Mun starts to think that she is seeing things that the dead donor saw immediately before her death, and she and Wah try to make sense of it all."

Could I substitute the Fabulous Things From The Land of Fabulosity with Ponderous Things From The Land of Ambiguity? I'm fresh out of those.

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