torontolaspe.jpgCheck out this amazing 14-hour timelapse sequence shot of downtown Toronto, shot from a hotel room window the photographer's apartment window with a digital camera. The large version's 5 MB, but it's totally worth the download time.

I recommend cueing up something vaguely ambient or new-agey in iTunes (perhaps Gavin Bryars or even some Enya if you really want to relax) to accompany the video, or perhaps some Philip Glass if you're going for the Koyaanisqatsi vibe...

(found at


What a great picture - for the first time ever I want to go to Toronto.

thanks for linking me up, just one correction: this was shot from my appartment window not a hotel room. it's funny you mention glass music, because I wanted to put his music on top but then i dropped the idea to leave it to the viewer.
thanks again.

Your links are the best. I really enjoyed that. Hoping this might be some payback... a cute animation from Sveeden (horses singing doowap harmony - clicking them makes them sing)

Philip Glass definitely. Because I am in love with him.

you are such the poet
big boy
and thanks for your kind words the other day

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