Where Have All The Flowers Gone?


More than 10 days after the introduction of the new $20 and I still haven't seen a single one...


TELL me about it.
I don't have nearly enough $20 bills in my life.

Honestly I'm glad I haven't seen them. But I'll bet you it's already been counterfeited...

Plus, I'll bet ppl are hoarding them because they're new and different.

Well, it just so happens that I signed up for a lecture by District Attorneys and had to stay late at school yesterday for it. It all became worth my while when, as I was leaving, I found one of those purty new $20 bills. I'm such a sucker, when I find cash I immediately ask those around me if they've lost it. You know you're in a room full of law students when they remind you that finders have rights over all others except the true owner. And then ask whether the bill was "found" or "mislaid" as a joke. har, har. I was the finder, therefore I kept it, and I don't even have to feel like I did anything illegal.

We all agreed however, those new bills are ugly.

They're kind of "ehh...". I've been pulling in lots of them (and turning them right around, thank you very much) at the Tiny Bidness. Not worth all the fuss, certainly not worth the stoopid commercial campaign. They look like old-timey $20s with a pink stripe in the middle. The back is kind of doofy with all the random '20's on it. But I am not an aesthete, nor do I play one on teevee.

I still think it's pointless and probably harmful, as it will confuse the vast majority of people and make it easier to pass counterfeits. I know I don't look closely at them, and I'm getting four or five a week.

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