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From President Bush's address to the Australian Parliament:

We see a China that is stable and prosperous -- a nation that respects the peace of its neighbors and works to secure the freedom of its own people.

It's good to know that running people over with tanks is part of "work[ing] to secure the freedom of its own people".


Not to mention the hidden and routine torture and execution of so-called dissidents. Maybe Bush meant the future China. But probably not.

It was 14 years ago - maybe we can forgive them. Or maybe we should stop electing retards. I don't know; I'm not allowed to vote, and I have never been to China. But you know what I mean. do realize that the actuall line was "We seek a China that is stable and prosperous -- ". That's SEEK. Not SEE. A little different.

That was copy-and-pasted right out of the White House's own transcript. It looks like they went back and changed it after the fact.

Both the audio and the Official Hansard of the Australian House of Representatives say "see". Listen for yourself; the paragraph in question begins at 15:17.

I for one find it creepy our administration goes back and changes the official record to something clearly at odds with what was actually said, with nary a word of explanation.

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