Strangers In A Strange Land

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In a intereseting development, there seems to be a secret cabal of New York bloggers who root for the Red Sox.

This is, of course, not to discount the very large number of non-Sox fans in the New York area; in fact, being a Red Sox fan in New York is a bit like being the only guy at the Coliseum who's not rooting for the lions.

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Being a Mets fan, I'm taking the Red Sox side on this one (only fair since I half-heartedly rooted for the Yankees last time), but one thing Red Sox fans never seemed to understand was that though Yankees fans don't like the Sox, there is no where near the amount hatred here as there is in Boston.

I spent 5 years living there, introducing myself as Dahl, from NYC, and no, I'm not a Yankees fan. I have not met a single person here say, hi, don't hate me because I'm from Boston - I'm not that big of a sports fan anyway.

I've been lamenting about these LCS matchups all day. Sure, they're bound to be great games and are very well-matched. However, they pit two teams that I simply dispise (Yankees and Cubs) and a team in South Florida that I shouldn't get too attached to because they can't even draw 20k fans a game. So, mark me as a temporary Bosox fan. Hell, the way my beloved Tigers are destined to play for the next decade this may become a regular ritual.

Count me in the "Mets fan rooting for the Sox against the Hated Yankees" category.

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