From Time-Life Books: Great Mysteries of the Ughknown, Part CXXIV


I was reminded this morning of that inexplicable American phenomenon: intelligent, attractive women who date jerks and know it.


Cryptic, cryptic. Tsk!

You'd like a transcript?

Sure, why not?

Yes, I would like a transcript as well. Who is she and what was he doing to her?

Edited for clarity and spelling. Also, please note that the IAW in question is not 22. That's an in-joke.

PF: Happy birthday, babe. You're what, 22?
IAW: Nah. After today I'm never having another birthday.
PF: It's going that well?
IAW: heh
PF: I'll take that as a yes.
IAW: Eh, it's ok. I'm really frustrated with a guy I'm dating right now. =( That's not helping my birthday.
PF: That doesn't sound too good.
IAW: Nope. He's being a jerk. I don't deserve it... so whatever.
PF: There are women who deserve the jerks that they date, but you are so not one of them.
IAW: I know. I'm just tried of being so nice to him. He's wearing me out. I'm a generous person by nature as far as I can tell... so I think I deserve a little generosity back. He's being really really selfish.
PF: In the immortal words of Little Charlie and the Nightcats, perhaps it's time to dump that chump.
IAW: Heh. Ok, he's apologizing on IM. I think he feels like an ass. Which he should.
PF: Indeed.

Gee, I thought you were being facetious when you asked if I'd like a transcript.

Note to self: Self, never communicate in writing with a known blogger ... d'oh!

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