Cheap, Easy, No-Effort Halloween Costumes (or how to justify not dressing up)


If, at this late stage of the game, you're still stuck without a halloween costume, try some of these cheap, easy, and quick costume ideas:

  • The guy who went to a costume party without a costume
  • Stanley Tucci
  • serial killer ("he was such a nice, quiet man...")
  • depressed Red Sox fan
  • commuter stuck on a 1 train with too many people on it
  • your imaginary twin
  • candidate for governor of California
  • undercover police officer
  • unemployed gay porn star
  • pregnant woman (most easily achieved if you are, in fact, both a woman and pregnant)
  • off-duty stripper
  • office drone
  • person with an invisible friend
  • man-on-the-street
  • drunk guy/gal at office party (for added realism, try this while drunk at an office party)
  • blogger


I'm going as a blogger.

Talking about cheap costumes: Bishopjoey went as a "dictator"...

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