Wake Me When It's Over


Well, that was one of the most boring football games I can remember. As John Hall was lining up for the winning field goal, I was thinking "I want him to miss it, but if he does, that means this game is going into overtime..."

If today was any indication, it's going to be a long season for the Jets. Paul Hackett's play-calling was generally conventional and uninspired (if you're going to run on first down all the time, it would help if you had an offensive line that can open holes); receivers consistantly ran their third-down routes short of the first-down marker; the defense couldn't get off the field. They need to get better, and fast.


There is some analysis I read that the entire Jets organization is experiencing huge morale problems that go all the way back to the departure of the Tuna and the subsequent "musical coaches" fiasco.
None of this, of course, excuses Paul Hackett. He sucked at Kansas City and he sucks in New York. I dunno why people keep hiring him.

Hey, the first quarter was hot stuff. Plus there was that one play where Ramsey dodged the blitz and hit Coles for a huge gain. That was slick.

Also, with Vinnie looking as tentative as he did, I think the defense was all that was keeping the Jets in that game. Three sacks, a forced fumble, and a pick ain't nothin'.

That rash of short third-down routes sure was odd, though.

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