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  • The Times discovers real barbeque in New York. Noted BBQ fans Gothamist add their two bits.
  • Goldstein is back, and he's pleased to present The Illuminated Donkey Festival, featuring such memorable discussions as "Reformatting the Server Whatsits to Clear the Flibber-Flabber" (with yours truly as one of the panelists), "Peanut Butter Jelly Time: a charming and memorable performance for kids", and the not-to-be-missed "Thirst, Alcohol, and the Single American Woman: A Sequential Panel Discussion", hosted by Mr. Goldstein himself. Get your tickets now!
  • The Times does a beer tasting of stouts. I wanna work for the food section there...
  • You might want to boycott JetBlue and CheapTickets (not to mention Avis, Budget, and any other subsidiaries of Cendant). Why? Well, it looks like they'll be opening up travel dossiers on their customers and giving them to the government. Seriously, you don't have to be paranoid to be scared by this.
  • William Grimes reviews Rocco's on 22nd and, surprisingly, gives it a fairly favorable review. I'm still not sure if I'd actually want to eat there...
  • And finally, if you're tired of your current desktop, you'll probably find one you'll like over here.

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According to some companies are sending our travel plans to the government. The solution is simple: Don't book through Galileo or fly JetBlue Airways! Also, stay away from subsidiaries of Cendant. Do you really want a government that tracks Read More


hey big fella thanks for the advice
and i liked jet blue too

I should have listened to you six months ago when you told me you (and NYC) needed good Q. At least someone might possibly be attempting a try at doing it the right way.

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