Overheard (well, not exactly)


Her: (upon receiving my card and eyeing the pf.org URL) So, are you a dot-org millionaire?
Me: More like a dot-org thousandaire.

I think that failed to impress.

Also, Pete Rojas and Jake Dobkin are not the same person: Remember this and do not be fooled.


Someone is mistaking Jake for Peter? I suppose they do vaguely resemble eachother in that skinny computer geek/hipster with dark hair kind of way.

you have a card w/ your URL on it?

You're rich in experience. A millionare of the soul! Etc.

ooo, so can i have one? actually i do believe you owe me something...

I would like to think that Paul was very drunk by this time, as I too found him mistaking Peter for Jake very funny.

All I have to say is that the Manhattans at that bar are deceptively drinkable.

some women have no sense of humour...

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