Rob Sterling thinks I need a nickname.

Any nominations?


i thought i'd given you one two.....

That might have worked... in third grade.

but, it's so cute.

What about Pauly-blog? No? Ok.

Paulo? Frankensteinster? What about Skippy? Skippy Frankenstein has a bit of zing, though not perhaps in a James Bond sort of way.

I always liked calling you Frankenfurter - after the character from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (though I'm certain you're going to believe whatever you want anyway...)

You've never seen my Frankenfurter, anyway.

you already have one, courtesy K-Dog: "Frankie."

ooooh... i like Frankenfurter regardless of whether i've seen it or not ;)

(let's just make it clear, i've not!)

Baron Von Funkenstein?
Philo T. Frankenstein?
Snooty McSnootSnoot?
Paul "Not a Jew" Frankenstein?
Oil Can?

Gee, Ken, you missed a couple:

The Illuminated Frankenstein, a.k.a. The Frank

In junior high, I had a friend who's last name was Frank and we used to call her Frankenweiner. I'm sure you could use that (to add to the hotdog genre of nicknames).

Of course we also called her Abigail Garbagepail (a personal favorite). But it was completely a term of endearment.

I vote for Baron Von Funkenstein. And I stick by Frankenfurter as second choice. And nobody's gonna change my mind dammit.

Oooooh, Franny's good.

Woman, thou art fickle.

PS: I vote for "Abigail Garbagepail."

Abigail Garbagepail is good, but it neither rhymes nor alliterates with my real name, which is kinda a problem.

Think of it more as an alter ego than a nickname; a chance to embrace a whole new identity. You could work it :)

Problem? "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so," as some Danish crackhead once said.

Hey, if you want rhymey and alliterative-like, who cares about your real name? You can't do better than "Abigail Garbagepail." Listen to the cadence, man!

Look, if it makes you feel better, go with "Abigail Garbagepail Frankenwiener." Everyone will just call you "Abigail Garbagepail" anyway.

Joe, isn't it a bit early in the day to start cracking open the Chateau Ausone over there?

I'm with Joe. You won't even have to pay me a finder's fee :) Consider it my gift to you.

Paul -- or, should I say, Abigail -- I'm as serious as I've ever been in my life. Granted, that's not saying much.

Besides, it's never too early to crack open some Ausone.

La Chica, you are a genius. Cheers!

Wel maybe next time you can bring some of that Ausone over. ;-)

hey my names Layla and i need a nick name..... im sick of being called baby and bunny. anyone have any ideas? email me at thanx

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