I can't be the only one to notice the irony in how the whole will-she-or-won't-she Elizabeth Spiers/Gawker/New York Magazine affair has turned into exactly the kind of essentially meaningless, navel-gazing and narcissistic New York media circus that Elizabeth skewered so expertly at Gawker, can I?

In the event that you missed the whole feeding frenzy, it all started with this piece from Women's Wear Daily, which was picked up by Jeff Jarvis, followed by Gawker itself chiming in and the ever-lovely Ms. Spiers offering her side of the story (executive summary: Not Exactly True). MemeFirst has weighed in, as has Xeni Jardin over at BoingBoing and the good folks at Gothamist. Perhaps the second-most amusing part is that Jason Calacanis, a serial entrepreneur with one-and-a-half mostly useless magazines and a demonstrated inability to use the apostrophe properly to his credit, is attempting to hire Elizabeth away (from whom?) by offering her 50% equity (in what?), a new laptop (ooh, how generous—I'm shivering with excitement), and Soho House membership; however, he seems to have left out what is for most of us the most important part of any job—the paycheck.

The most amusing part is, of course, Choire's observation that "No Comment" is a complete sentence.


I'm sorry, but could you repeat that? I couldn't hear you for the echo.

I can't believe Jason Calacanis is still going. I met him back in 1997 when he was a two-bit entrepreneur to be (you know, the kind who prints up his new business cards before he even has a company), and he was trying to convince the publishers at Starlog that he could successfully helm a magazine. I think he lasted all of a month.

Starlog's offices are on the same floor as the non-profit where Lizzie Grubman does her community service work. Woo-hoo! I just scored a Grubman connection!

wow - does anyone really care about soho house membership anymore? seems like it's already tired. i have heard it about 30 times from random low-level publishing industry folks in the past week, at least (what i'm doing around those people is another question i keep asking myself).

Hm. Over three hundred referrals from Gawker and these are all the comments I get?

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