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Advil Liqui-Gels work much better than greasy food when one is trying to kill off a hangover—and they work really fast, too. Where did the canard about eating really greasy food come from, anyway?

Of course, never ever having had a hangover in my life, this is all what "friends" have told me.

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Greasy food is not an antidote to a hangover, but a preventitive. You're supposed to eat it before you drink (or during), not after. The grease coats the lining of the stomach and so the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream at a slower rate. The slower rate allows the body to regulate itself - the alcohol is absorbed and processed in quantities that are manageable, sort of like a time release capsule. Without the grease lining protecting the stomach, the body's systems are overwhelmed. Most of the body's immune responses are painful, for instance the swelling that comes from a mosquito bite is not caused by the bite itself but is the body's immune response in action against the poison of the bite. So, like a power surge, if you're extremely hung over, it's just the immune response to an overload of alcohol. Greasy food helps slow it down so that the immune response is manageable.

It's amazing what you learn after living with an alcoholic for four years. After a night of drinking, he used to make sure that I ate a slice of pizza before going to bed. That's true love I tell you.

yeah but really, there's nothing better than a pile of greasy AFTER you've done the drinking.

if i'm coherent enough to remember, the liqui-gels are ingested upon my arrival home, with two large glasses of water.

if i'm not coherent enough to remember this, the two large glasses of water and ingestion of liqui-gels take place a few hours after i awake from having passed out cold - at which time i realize exactly how shitty i feel.

then i go back to bed, wake up a few hours later, and go have eggs benedict for brunch (along with lots of water, two more liqui-gels if necessary, and a bloody mary).

i'm thinking the liqui-gels are for the headache part

Why not combine the grease concept with the liqui-gel concept and eat a handful of those little pats of diner butter.

The only problem with that idea is that the advil have to be in your stomach long enough to dissolve and have the liquidy goodness inside absorbed into your bloodstream.

You think the Ligui-Gels work faster than the tablets? How about if you just squeez the goo in your mouth?

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