Well, That Was Interesting


I'm back, more or less.

The exciting details of how I survived the Great Blackout of Aught Three can be found over here at Whybark's joint (though I did leave out the bit where I teamed up with a time-travelling cyborg from the future to save humanity).

My email is back, too, kinda sorta; if you've sent me any email since about 4:10 p.m. EDT Thursday, you might want to send it again, as it may have either bounced or disappeared in to a black hole (in theory, that shouldn't happen, but in theory, 50 million people in 9 states/provinces over two countries shouldn't lose their power in 9 seconds, either).


paul that was brilliant! perhaps the most personal thing i've read of yours. nice work.

Hey, yeah!

What she said!

I wasn't thinking of it that way when i was helping post it, but that's absolutely correct!

You're a good New Yorker, Paul. Great posting.

really enjoyed reading about your experience and contribution. New York stories make me wistful.

You are New Yorker of the Year, Paul!

The only nice thing I did was give someone directions to Madison Avenue even though I was crying hysterically.

allrighty big boy
i knew youd come through as a hero

you know the pedestrians directing traffic was my fave part of this whole mess

but im so jealous darlin

we didnt get our power back till 9pm
friday night

i was so bitchy by then
even my cats were afraid of me


referrer storm chez moi takes down server - repairs proceeding

everyone wants to read about you, paulie!

I read your story about your feats of heroism. I thought that was an awesome story! I hope you don't mind my recent post was about this story, and links to it. Have an awesome day!

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