The Perfect Storm


There's a new fast-moving email worm that's mucking up email servers today. I'm getting buckets and buckets of them, not to mention the bounce messages I'm getting when the damn thing tries to spread itself using my email address as a forged From: header....

I'll skip the sermon about how this could be avoided if we used non-Microsoft operating systems in favor of asking all my Windows-using readers to make sure that they're not infected with this worm. Thanks -- the internet appreciates it.


Linux rules....all hail the mighty penguin!!

which email server are you on, Paul? It's a hasslement for sure. I was able to tie bogus "From: " headers to activity on my SIMS backup server, which was locked down - or so I thought. I've asked for knowledgeable commentary at the SIMS list. No trace in my sendmail logs right now though.

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