The Hippie Candidate?


So, isn't Howard Dean supposed to be the free-love hippy candidate? But if that's the case, then why the paucity of CL postings about the rally? I mean, seriously, I think that Ikea openings get more Craigslist action.

Is it, in fact, true that Dean supporters are actually a bunch up up-tight kids who aren't interested in hooking up (the alternative explanation is that they're really just a bunch of horndogs who all hooked up at the rally, thus turning Bryant Park into a giant sexual free-for-all, but I kinda doubt that happened)?


heh. take it from me... there was no sexin' on the lawn in bryant park. well, there may have been, but i didn't see any of it.

Where in the hell did you get that assertion?

It's a joke, 'cause he's supposed to be the far-left candidate, ya know?

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