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Quick question: Is anyone out there reading this site using an RSS reader/aggregator? And if they are, would a full-text version of this site in RSS/RDF format be useful? (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can safely ignore this entire post)

Please leave comments, in, well, the comments.


Not that this has anything to do with the actual subject of the post, but wouldn't it be cool if you could embed <$MTEntryPermalink$> tags in your post?

(yes, I tried it and it didn't work)

Well, if you count LJ as an RSS reader/aggregator, then yes, I am, and if you couldn't guess by my earlier requests to have as much text in the "summary" as possible, I'd rather have a full-text version to pull from. :)

Here's what they look like now (from LJ):

If you click the left-arrow you can see what earlier entries look like. The formatting sometimes gets screwed up, and links don't come through, but I'm not sure if that's a problem w/ LJ or with the feed (or a known limitation of RDF/RSS).

you can do somthing with MT tags in processed areas of content - but I TOTALLY forget how.

BTW, I think you guys were sitting very near where my father and I sat at Fenway in 1972.

hey wait! now I'M commenting on the worng post.

i like them short. i only use nnw to see that you've updated.

I try to read everything in SharpReader. A full-text feed would be nice.

i use a news aggregator at work for professional/current events stuff, so i don't read your site in it (i use my blogroll on my site to visit all my blog peeps). convoluted i know. whatever. my point is that i don't like full-text feeds in my aggregator. i like to see just enough to know what the post is about and click if i want to read the whole thing. otherwise the list just gets crazy and i'm scrolling through whole days-old posts i've already read.

funny. i think ernie the attorney (http://ernieattorney.typepad.com) was talking about this same topic a couple days ago.

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