But First, a Word From the Governor


Humor from the website of California's next governor:

The first thing you notice about this book is that it's big... HUGE! So big, in fact, your forearms will probably double in size simply by turning the pages of it.

Arnold's talking about a book he wrote called The New Enyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, which is apparently something of a bible for weighlifters.

Related: Arghnold.com, brought to you by Californians Against Opportunistic Celebrity Fuckwads (CAOCK). (link via Michelle, who refuses to eat dim sum despite the fact that she lives in one of the top four or five dim sum cities in the world)


you know i hate to say it
but the guy might actually make a good governor
i mean he was smart enough to almost single handedly
change the sport of bodybuilding from a cheap
tacky buff beauty parade
in the conference areas of b level hotels
to a
cheap tacky buff beauty parade
in the arenas of 5 star hotels

not to mention the fact that he is one or our highest paid actors
and not only can the guy not act
but he cant even speak english

i mean hes got to be smart

plus he then reached out and snagged himself a kennedy
honey he musta been thinking about elections

hey, hey, hey, be nice! i like to know what i'm eating. and chicken feet aren't something i want to put in my mouth, ever.

Chicken feet are really yummy. So are duck feet.

What is CAOCK planning to do about Martin Sheen?

Probably nothing, since Martin Sheen isn't trying to run for Governor...

Refuses... to... eat... dim... sum...?! *choke* *choke* *cough* *collapse*

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