So, do any of my regular Boston readers have any tips about what to do and where to go in Boston (other than directing traffic, that is)?


I USED to live there ... whaddaya in the mood for?

If you like Mexican food, do dinner at Casa Romero. It's located in an alley just North of Newbury Street at Hereford Street. This is my favorite Boston restaurant. Don't order enchildas verdes. Branch out.
Another joint I particularly recommend is the Sunset in Allston (corner of Harvard Avenue and Brighton) which has an astronomical number of beers available and uncommonly good nachos. Across the street from the Sunset is Herrels' ice cream shop, which is also uncommonly good.
If it isn't too hot (it looks like it will cool off there starting tomorrow), I recommend walking around Back Bay, particularly Marlborough street and Commonwealth Avenue and the public gardens. (Whack a swan for me.) The park space along the Charles River is nice too (including at after dark).
The last time I was there, Newbury Street was a lot less interesting than it had been when I was in college.
There's always Harvard Square, but keep your expectations modest.

Irving's Candy Store, Brookline!

Wow, Casa Romero -- I had completely forgotten about it. Yes! Go there -- it's a little hard to find, but well worth the effort. As I recall, they have an incredible chicken mole.

It's also worth checking out the half-price ticket booth (one in Copley Square, one at Faneuil Hall), which get s a good assortment of tickets to performance-type stuff around the area.

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