A Fan Talks Back


An anonymous Colin Ferrell fan apparently found my post about the Oscars this year, and had this to say:

There is nothing "Up" with Colin Farell's eyebrowns you are just jelous because he is famous and your not so dont talk about him or anyone because you dont look any better I bet.And for your information Colin looks fine and he is a great actor. So shut-up!

Now, what's interesting is that that post is the only time I've ever mentioned Colin Farrell on my site (this being the second time), and my comments were limited to a one-line query about his utterly out-of-control eyebrows (think bushy, if I recall correctly).

What's even more interesting is that the comment was appended to the end of this post, which has absolutely nothing at all do with actors, the movies, Colin Farrell or eyebrows (clicking on the picture is recommended).


It's 100 percent in keeping with the comment at my site about your stacey pressman post.



Would you just shut up about Colin already?!?! Jeez!

If I were a 20-something, early 30s-year old guy, I'd be incredibly flattered to have a bazillion illiterate but crushing twelve year olds defending my eyebrows with "YOUR JUST JELOS" too. Powerful! (cute)

That is such a weird coincidence, Mike...

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