Welcome to the 21st Century


The Chicago Manual of Style enters the 21st century. But they still have 16 paragraphs on ellipses.

I might have to get myself a copy of one of those.

Other style guides I can recommend are the AP Stylebook, the unusually well-written and witty Economist Style Guide, and, of course, Strunk's The Elements of Style (which is really less a style guide than a writing manual, but whatever).


I'm enough of a nerd that I'm salivating as I wait for the new Edition of the Chicago Manual. The years since its last have been especially turbulent in the world of typesetting and copyediting.

I wonder how all their conventions for dealing with internet srtuff will compare to the Wired Style manual, which I've beenusing in the absence of any other established references.

No love for the MLA handbook?

I've never used the MLA handbook, believe it or not.

Good. I personally dislike the inline citation style (Me, 23).

I'm personally fond of Bill Walsh's "Lapsing Into a Comma" (kinda fussy on the modern stuff, but still a good counterweight) and the AP Stylebook.

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