Warren, Warren Buffett, King of the Wild Stock Market


Via Gawker:

Lunch with Warren Buffett, one of the richest men ever, is being auctioned off. The bidding's currently at $22,600 $26,300 $27,000 $27,600 $28,100 $29,300 $30,000 $32,600 $35,100 $38,100 $95,100 $105,100 $118,100 $126,100 $195,100. The winning bid was $250,100 (the bidding itself jumped $20,000 in the last 90 seconds alone). That's a quarter of a million dollars. For lunch.

Note that the lunch is for you and seven of your closest friends, so you figure that $30K $100K $200K $250K split eight ways isn't so bad is still a crapload of money. On the other hand, $3,750 $12,500 $25,000 $31,000 is an awful lot for lunch, and I can think of plenty of other things to spend the money on.

In related news, I'm auctioning off lunch with myself. Bidding starts at $0.25.


Is that US or Canadian?

Wait, will you pay for lunch? If so, I'll raise that $0.50 to $0.75! Hehe. ;)

Oh wait, sorry, didn't realize she's Canadian. In that case, I'll see her bid and raise to US$0.06.

nicholas!! we're doing better now, the dollar is slowly on the rise.

and paul, you're hosting the auction, so the terms must be in us dollars.

what the heck, i'll pay a buck to have lunch with you. what are you cooking?

I hope not too much, that could ruin my August! :P

(I'll be up in sunny Vancouver for a week visiting family. Bad Canadian dollar = cheap trip. ;) )

$1.25 (which currency?)

You know, folks, I've eaten several meals with Paul, and it's worth at least $1.50 above and beyond the cost of the meal and the stripper.

FIRST, non-corn-eating, crying Jersey boy, is that a bid?

SECONT: what currency?

THIRD: Unless Paul is working for Southwest, I think we have to donate it to a NYC area recipient anyway. So you should have some sort of service fee due, or what I think might be more comonly known as a "kickback."

Heck, I'd pay at least $1.75 (USD) for lunch with the urbane editor-in-chief of "Mimeograph".

Do you work for Southwest?? No? Oh well.

I'll bid $3USD. Will you be wearing a Cafe g string while serving lunch?

If there's a g-string involved I'm withdrawing my bid.

No G-strings involved, at least on my end.

Cafepress doesn't make my size.

Just to be clear, mine wasn't a bad, just an appraisal. I've been outbid since then anyway. And I eat corn.

When does bidding close?

Does this mean we're not doing lunch tomorrow unless I win this auction? Ok, $4 then.

And I'll wear a g-string. A $30 one, though, not a cafexpress, if that's ok?

Um, bidding closes at, say, next Monday at midnight.

$5. will wine/beer/martinis be served with lunch?

(oh and what if your comment is the 1000th?)

The Texan swaggers in and doubles the bid:
"10 buckaroos!", he shouted. "What's wrong with you pikers?"

Oh...I just realized you're dragging out the comments hoping for a prize pack. Vultures.

My bid stands...

I'll see yer 10 cowboys and rasie ya by one Geo. Wash.

And Paul, if there's no g-string on your end, where WILL you wear it?

That's for me to know, Mike, and you to wonder.

I've got $12 that says you're keeping that personal g-string information to yourself.

P.S. By the way, I'm bidding for a lunch date, right? Not the opportunity to buy you lunch? right? that could get expensive, knowing your appetites, Mr. $50 Hamburger.

P.P.S. Do you find it troubling in the least that two men from out of state are the lead bidders?

not at all scott - I bet he's relieved that we balance out the overwhelminfly female demographic he's got. All those ladies, nary a date.

I second the caveat about that $50 hamburger, btw.

Besides, aren't realy just competing for attention?

(thread continues at Paul's refresher post.)

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