The Man from Serendip

  1. Ned Batchelder, the brother of a friend of mine, comes up with the phrase "Machete mode", something that he describes as "working hard to write some code using technologies that I really don't understand." Or, in other words, what I do every time I even attempt to code anything. Which kinda makes sense when you realize that the last time I ever really knew what I was doing when I was coding was, oh, 1990.
  2. For all the photo geeks out there: this looks cool.
  3. On Friendster: Gothamist wonders about etiquette -- "When someone messages you with just 'Want to meet for drinks?' ... is it wrong to reply, 'No way and never contact me again'? -- while Dori says that it's already jumped the shark (and she may have a point: when I tried it a few minutes ago (i.e. about 11:55 p.m.), I couldn't get in). Me, I'm wondering about this whole 'messaging' thing myself -- it doesn't seem to really work for me. Anyway, if for some reason you feel the need to be my friendster friend, you know what to do.


Friendster hasn't jumped the shark, they're just unable to keep up with the geometric popularity. The same thing (and gross misspending, probably) brought down the old, which was a similar (albeit overdone) service.

It takes a lot of server power to work one of those sites. And I'm betting that they're way underneath what they'd need. And nobody is offering donations that I can tell, and nobody is sending them any support.

Hell, if their code ain't tight, that'd explain a lot.

So Friendster is much like Yogi Berra's famous restaurant? "Nobody goes there anymore -- it's too crowded."

Dang. I was hoping these here comments were enough to be considered something like a friendster.

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