And in other news, bidding on lunch with me is currently all the way up to $12.


That's nice, but am I the contest winner?

I want to win. I like winning.

Maybe this will be the magic comment.

I guess somebody wants to win. So does the bid go towards the lunch with you, or did you cover that stipulation already?

when did the bidding stop?

i'll go w/ lucky $13. so is lunch in new york? you didn't stipulate a location.

I don't think the bidding has stopped. I would suggest that perhaps Paul should set up a for-real eBay auction.

and by the way...


What I want to know is what Mike and I get if one of us wins the bidding. Do we get to choose from a list of stand-ins? Or can we save it for a trip to Noo Yawk City (may the Good Lord bless me and keep that from happening)?

Oh, heck. $15. And bidding stops sometime Monday, right?

Yeah, bidding stops at midnight eastern time tonight.

In the event that the winner is from out of town, they'll have the option of picking any stand-in they want, or they can save the lunch in the event that they come and visit le pomme grande (or in the event that my varied travels takes me to the winner's locale).

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