It's All About the Guns


There's apparently a new pickup line sweeping the nation:

Pickupper to Pickuppee: Hey, I was you have your tickets to the show?
Pickuppee: Um...what show?
Pickupper [Spoken while flexing arms energetically]: THE GUN SHOW, BABY!

At least that's what Ken tells me.

This would, apparently, only work with male pickuppers. I guess that it could work for some women...


Huh? Is the pickupper trying to compare his penis to a gun? That's certainly the last thing I'd want to put inside my body.

oh man, that's good, but it seems the pickupper overlooks the fact that there's NEVER JUST a gun show, but ALWAYS a GUN & DOLL SHOW.

which is way better, you know, because then you can blow the heads off of some cabbage patch kids.

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