If 30 Is The New 22, Does That Mean that 32 is going to be the new Sweet 16?


My friend Jen Crowe is prominently featured in this article in the Times about thirtieth birthday parties (OK, she's actually not in the article itself, but that's her in the picture headlining the piece in both the web and print versions of the paper, which is more than close enough for me).

Now that makes, by latest count, three friends who've been featured in the Paper of Record in the last two months alone. Which only makes me wonder (I know, a Daily News mention isn't bad, but...): what do I gotta do to make it to the Old Gray Lady?

That international fugitive thing is looking better and better.


Wow, that's a fairly wasted looking party group. Were they acting up for the photog, or was that photo taken after they all had a few? :)

If you need any help with the fugitive thing, lemme know.

... what do I gotta do to make it to the Old Gray Lady?

Dear God! These days, why would you want to?

Hey, quote tags aren't working. What happened?

quote tags never worked. blockquote tags, like the ones I changed them to, do work.

Ah. Well, there you go, then.

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