By Proxy


Well, as some of you may have noticed, The Fat Guy won lunch with me with a high bid of $15.

However, as Mr. Chaffin lives near Ft. Worth and is unlikely to visit in the near future, he's taking nominations for proxies.

So leave a comment and explain to us why you should be appointed Scott's proxy.


i take it you have to live in new york eh?

Or New Jersey. As to why I should be The Fat Guy's proxy, I'll leave you to refer to your recent photos.


I thought about getting in touch this weekend, but then decided a blank slate in your fair city was the way to go at first. plus, it was our anniversary. mebbe next time.

ken - what? the tree photo on the main blog or are you talking about the photos blog? what are you talking about?

and mike - a la prochaine. though you american boys scare me a little. ;)

As noted on my own blog, I might just stick that lunch date in my own pocket in case I am ever stuck in the wilds of NYC and need a friendly face to see me through my ordeal. However, I don't want Paul to go un-lunch-companioned.

So -- C'MON FOLKS! You drove the bidding up astronomically. Let's see some action here!

P.S. I live in Dallas, which is geographically, and technically, "near Ft. Worth." As a city, it wants very badly to be "near NYC." I would even go so far as to call it NYC III ("Jr." would be giving their East Coast aspirations too much credit.)

Which is why I am considering a move to FW -- they are much comfortable with their western heritage.

aww poor pauly - why aren't more people begging to have lunch with you? you're a gourmet guy, i'm sure it would be lovely.

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