Weekend Update


OK, let's see if I can remember:

Getting chewed out over the phone for my inability to plan things in advance; going on a long bike ride up to the GWB; seeing a rather cute (and visually stunning) movie with my mother; drinking heavily with him, him, him, him, her, him, her, him, him, and him (and a whole bunch of other people whom either don't have websites or are slipping my mind; as gak says, there are bits that are "black holes of a memory"); standing very still for a couple of hours on his behalf; making dinner for some friends (linguini pesto casalingo con gambero, i funghi ed i peperoni dolci, which translates from the Italian as 'pasta with an entirely improvised and made-up sauce').

So, all in all, I think it was a good time.


what was that pasta again?
i gotta remember that

The recipie goes something like this:

1. Slice a bunch of mushrooms (egg slicers work really well for this) and sauté in butter. Reserve.

2. Chop up some bell peppers and sauté in butter. Reserve.

3. Chop of a bunch of basil and a couple of cloves of garlic by hand (no choppers or food processors). Add toasted pine nuts (I actually didn't have any pine nuts, so I left them out, but if you have them, you should probably use them). Put in a bowl and cover with olive oil.

4. Sauté about a pound of shelled large shrimp in olive oil and pepper. Reserve.

5. Boil your pasta. When al dente, transfer to a large pan over medium heat and add the ingredients prepared in steps 1-4. Add cheese to taste.

6. Plate and eat.

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