This is An Important Day in The Development of Human Rights (or, I'm a Lumberjack....)


Canadian Leaders Agree to Propose Gay Marriage Law.

Must... resist... temptation... to... link... to... the Lumberjack Song...

Update: More seriously, Rossi has some thoughts on the subject.


apparently i can't resist the urge to add fuel to your fire. news of this hit the canadian papers several weeks ago - the cover photo was couble embracing. i looked at this photo several times and wondered why did they use a photo of a straight couple, upon much closer inspection they were both women.

you know all joking aside
the face that canada at least is got this up on the block for consideration is huge
and the fact that our country is so far behind is sad
its amazing to me that in the year 2003
gay marriage is still not legal
some people may say
whats the big deal?
have a commitment ceremony
buy a house together
write a will together
etc etc
but the big deal
is when one of two lovers
is deported because their gay lover can not marry them and keep them in the country
when one of them dies
and the others family does not respect them
i know a couple that were together for 17 years
when of the men died
even though hed written a will leaving everything to his lover
the government declared the will invalid
all everything he had was auctioned off
some went to the government the rest to his brother in germany
who he didnt even talk to
the lover became destitute
and homeless
i am in support of gay marriage
and sad that we dont have it
you know in this country
there are states that had
inter-ratial marriage illegal
even into the 70;s

its time to get the fuck over this
and be humane

It's not so important that the courts ruled that gay marraige was ok -- after all, the Hawaii Supreme court made the same ruling several years ago, which prompted the Hawaiian legislature to pass a law specifically reserving the right to marry for opposite-sex couples.

It's that the Canadian government, unlike the Hawaiian government, has pretty much said OK, so how do we make this work? That's a huge change, and that's really the most important one.

The fact that it happened in Canada, well, the lumberjack joke was too hard to resist.

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