Some Days It Just Doesn't Pay To Get Out of Bed

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...and some days it just doesn't pay to stay in bed, either.

Like today. When I was rather unpleasantly awoken by a massive charliehorse in my left calf. Which is, naturally, the same leg that's been plagued by a reoccurrence of tendonitis in the ankle (which has gone, thank you very much, from bad to worse to is amputation an option?).

All of this means that I have gone from lumbering to lurching to hobbling to only nominally bipedal. I'd simply hop about on my good leg if I was sure that it wouldn't piss off the neighbors below. That, and the fact that I'm sure that if I did that I'd only horribly injure it, leaving me with two bum legs and absolutely no way to get about.

1 Comment

Hope you're feeling better.

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