I've never been one to have roots. Mostly that's had to do with my family moving around when I was a kid -- three years here, one year here, six years here, five years there.

Anyway, it was seven years ago today that I moved to The Big Bad City. More importantly, seven years is the longest I've ever lived in any one city. So, to celebrate, I think I'm going to wander down to a watering hole to raise a glass or two.

So, if you'd like to join me (UPDATED: 9 p.m., at the Half King in Chelsea) in commemorating this historical event, drop me a line (either in email or in the comments).


Can't do it tonight, but if you're doing anything tomorrow or Sunday I'd probably be up for it.

McSorely's. with The Donk.

Congrats, Paul!

congrats. maybe you've found a home.

"I lift my glass to you!" (she lifts her glass, whilst making this toast)

I'll be there!

O wait, no i can't.

I'll be there! Oh, wait, that already happened...

Mcsorley's ain't the same with the no smoking.

How weird - 7 years for you on June 6, 6 years for me on June 4.

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