Oook! Oook! OoooooooK!


Have you ever been on the phone with someone and have the language processing center of your brain just shut down entirely?

It's not like you're utterly incapable of actually saying things, it's just that you're utterly incapable of saying anything that makes sense. The only thing that comes out of your mouth is a string of entirely incoherent, barely connected phrases that make it sound like you have the verbal acuity of a dyspeptic orangutan hopped up on gasoline fumes?


It's just me then, is it?


uh - it's just you. and you posted this in the love & sex category? so phone sex gets you all tongue tied? hm, well practice makes perfect.

Paul, thats me trying to talk every damn day at work.

It's a situation that usually arises when the words you want to say conflict with your upbringing (what's polite).

Examples -
wanting to tell someone that he's a flaming *ss in mixed company
wanting to tell someone of the opposite sex whom you've just met that you want to rip their clothes off

Paul, as long as she said, "yes, I'd love to see a movie with you," do not worry your pretty little head about it. She undoubtedly found it cute.

Ah, that's most people on a regular basis.

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