More on Cafepress...

As it turns out, the whole $25/month fee is a bit overstated.

If you go and read their "clarification", it seems that the "fee" is is only charged to people with outstanding balances in their account:

Members who have commission in their accounts and do not reach the $25 minimum payment threshold within 6 months will be subject to a $25 per month account maintenance fee until their account balance is $0. Members are not charged beyond the balance in their accounts ... If you have not [sic] commissions in your account, you will never be charged the account maintenance fee.

Of course, that's not what the actual text of the member agreement actually says:

If owes you accrued compensation that is less than the Payment Threshold for at least 180 days, then may charge your account a $25.00 monthly maintenance fee. will continue to charge this monthly fee as long as the total amount of accrued compensation remains less than the Payment Threshold for at least 180 days.

In other words, poorly-written legalese aside, they're sweeping the accounts of low-volume stores in order to line their own pockets.

Given that (and their new 5% overhead charge), I think that I will be closing down the stores before the end of the month anyway.