Mmmmmmmmm. Haggis.


R.W. Apple goes to Scotland, writes 2,346 words on the native cuisine, and not once manages to mention Scotland's national dish: haggis.

Update: If you're sick enough to be looking for vegetarian haggis recipies, Google is your friend.


What, you're not gonna list your vegetarian haggis recipe here?

Of course you take the mixture called for in these recipes and stuff it in a big ol' sheep stomach, right? Yummmmmmmm...

you know, i went to Scotland and desperately tried to find a place that served haggis (i figure, eh, if you're there, might as well try it once -- plus, it's fried, right? is anything fried ever bad?) to no avail. this is because scots hardly ever eat haggis. only around christmas time, i hear. so plan your trips accordingly.

Burns Day is also apparently an occasion for the consumption of haggis.

Perhaps haggis is why the Scots invented Scotch.

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