From: The World
To: Paul

You're a colossal fuckup. Not to mention an utter idiot.

From: Paul
To: The World

Thanks for the reminder.


Y'know, Paul, you worry us with these cryptic self-flagellating outbursts of yours. Could this be the same "eagle-eyed blogger" who was recently immortalized in the august pages of the New York Post?

From: The World
To: Paul

You are a wonderful person who has much to offer. Take those goddamn glasses off; they're blinding you to your own worth.
Now, the WORLD is populated with worthless idiots - no question about that. You don't happen to be one of those - so TAKE THAT BOOT OFF YOUR OWN ASS - it's turning blue, and it's damn unattractive.

from the universe to paul
you're the dude

Only sometimes.

Our messaging system gets laggy at times.

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