Mano a Mano (or Bolo a Bolo?)


Back in March, the Manhattan User's Guide published a really lousy review of Bobby Flay's Bolo (quote: "coach food, unburdened by such things as discernible flavor").

Today, William Grimes in the Times begs to differ, awarding Bolo three stars.

Hmmm. Who to trust? Well, MUG suggests that "either Bobby Flay has gotten back to work ... or Mr. Grimes is a crackhead. We'll assume the former..."


Well, last time I ate there I was severely disappointed. Hopefully it really has improved.

Did I ever tell you about the time my wife spent a week in a tizzy after lining up bands for Bobby's visit to Texas, and when she got to the shoot, she found out Bobby had done his film work the week before, and everything they did that day was going to be cut in to the show digitally, and she wouldn't get to meet Mr. Flay after all? I did? Well, it's still funny to me.

That sounds typical.

well i would go with the manhattan users
guide as they awarded me
as one of nycs best caterers
many many years in a row
im partial to their opinion
as to bobby flay
he hasn't cooked any of his own food
in um like a millenium
i had a friend who worked for him for years
said the only time he stepped into the kitchen
was when it was time to impress a lady
i tend to believe this
he's what you call a culinary poser
i like a real hands-on chef like wolfgang puck
no matter how big he gets
he still keeps in touch with everything

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