Just doing a bit of cleaning up


Some of the entries in the archives will, I'm sure, look a bit off. Mind the dust in the corners. Adjustments to follow over the next few days...

NB: if you're loading this up for the first time today and it looks kinda funky, try hitting the reload button to force the new stylesheet to load.


hmm, ya know the comment box for the hmm post isn't working?

looks nice, i like the photo pulled away from the very top.

Nice shift. Comments aren't visible for me though; have to hightlight them in order to see whatever was written before. Other than that, nice transition :)

Funny. I've only tested this on Safari, assorted Mozilla variants, IE 5 (Mac OS X) and IE 6 (Win). I'm sure it looks entirely broken in Netscape 4 and other older browers.

Looks fine w/ Firebird (Mozilla-variant) on Linux and Windows.

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