Jumping to Conclusions, or 1 + 1 + 1 = 47


Given that:

  1. Apple still hasn't upgraded their 15" G4 PowerBook to the upgraded spec of the 12" and 17" PowerBooks (specifically, Airport Extreme, DDR RAM, and integrated Bluetooth), which were introduced all the way back in January.
  2. Apple recently slashed their prices on the PowerBooks, a common ploy to boost sales in advance of the unveiling of new models.
  3. The PowerPC 970 chip (aka the G5) is rumored to make its debut in Apple hardware soon (soon, as in two weeks).
  4. The PowerPC 970/G5 is reputed to have rather low power requirements, making it ideal for use in a laptop.

We can then put the dots together and jump to the entirely improbable conclusion that

  1. In two weeks, Apple will revamp their entire Pro (PowerMac, PowerBook) line of computers by introducing brand-new desktops and laptops based on the PowerPC 970/G5 chip, and
  2. subsequently, the iBook will be upgraded to a G4 processor, simplifying Apple's product matrix: G4=consumer (iMac/iBook/eMac); G5=professional (PowerMac/PowerBook).

The logic is impeccable, don'tcha think?


How much were they before? Because $1599 seems pretty high for a starting price for a laptop, actually.

I've wanted one for a while, but I just can't afford their prices. I was excited for a sec, I thought maybe I could get one, but no, I still can't. :)

When the car arrives, Paul, do not struggle or resist the men I've sent to escort you.

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