One: On my way to meet K-Dog and his sister for some free booze last night (which was, apparently, attended by another blogger whom I presume wasn't the blonde who was involved in one of the more spectacular public displays of affection lust I've ever seen), I wandered past the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (naturally, their website is not updated, but trust me, it was there), which was opening a new exhibit called "Frankenstein (or it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye)". Of course, I had to stop in and gawk at the not-very-interesting artsy-fartsy stuff before I moved on to the more serious matters at hand (i.e. free scotch).

The free scotch was handed out, interestingly enough, directly across the street from where The Donkey Show plays; however, since no-one thought to bring a camera, the sight of the Ill-Donk standing next to the Donkey Show poster and Frankenzilla standing in front of the "Frankenstein (or it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye)" sign was not preserved for posterity. Except, of course, in this blog. And really, I'm just telling you about this. So I could be making this up, except for the fact that I'm not.

Two: Check out the plates on this Chevy:


Photograph courtesy of Robert Sterling, who was, for some unknown reason, in Virginia when he took the picture.

Three: Check out #9 for the University of Kansas Softball team.

Destiny! Destiny! There's no escaping it for me!
Destiny! Destiny! There's no escaping it for me!


Hi! What did you think of the tasting? I definitely wasn't the blonde. I did likethe lesson in scotch but thought it was perhaps a bit too warm to really enjoy it.

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